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WINCH Serial No.001 M45 Motor (6 volt running on 12 volts) 15 Milli ohm legal, canít be stalled during any launch. Complete with 1.4 mil line (unbroken), no chute $500

Turn roundís Joe Wurtz style $90ea

JR servos, freq 72.910, plus receiver & flight pack. $450.00.

John Ensoll


PILOT Cessna .25 size fitted with old but still useful K&B 40. Very stable flyer, ideal for rock steady knee high beat ups, minor damage to wing due to flight through flax bush $180.00

PILOT Cessna size floats $80.00

FLITECRAFT Shadow low wing ARF fitted with LEO 46, balsa tail surfaces & wing sheeting. $200.00

MIDWEST Bipe Stick (Two wing Ugly Stick) airframe only $150.00

CLIVE Smalley Sierra Sportster fitted with K&B .28 very tidy construction & highly aerobatic $180.00

SIG Kommander Shoulder wing 40 - 60 size very stable flyer fitted with old cross flow OS 50 $180.00

TOMBOY 1.5 size R/C version, has flown with old style 40 4 stroke & would fly on 25, airframe only $150.00

56" Rudder, elevator trainer, built up wing, foam & veneer fuselage $50.00

CONCEPT 30 helicopter fitted with ASP 32 engine, but no gear, has flown setup time only $450.00

SANWA Gyro as fitted to above concept $60.00

OLD JR NET 125.29 Mhz FM set with 4 servos, but no charger Offers

BLUE Max Tx 27Mhz AM tidy and working Rx may be okay but not tested, collectors find Offers

OS Couger Tx & Rx untested, collectors find Offers

MICRO Avionics, complete outfit untested, collectors find Offers

FUTABA R 104H Rx 29 Mhz no Xtal Offers

FOX Eagle cross flow 60 Offers

FOX Eagle 3 Schneurle 60 Offers

SUPER Tiger X25 Offers

IRVINE 21RE ABC Speed motor NIB Offers

IRVINE 20 Blackhead Standard Lapped NIB Offers

CONDOR 120 4 stroke NIB Offers

DICK Smith 6.5 Mhz single trace Oscilloscope Offers

Bob Ingles

03 218 8010


JR X-347 7 channel transmitter and PCM reciever with charger $300

Alan Baird

09 407 5958


HIROBO Shuttle Helecopter complete with Futaba FPG154 gyro $350

Alan Smith

03 445 0401 A/H 03 445 1945


ROBART No161 retracts, never used 1/5 AT6 Harvard (Zirolli or similar) cost $594 will sell for $350

ASP 21 R/C engine, good condition $50

ASP 12 R/C engine, good condition $40

MERCO 61 Mk1 R/C engine, hasnít run for a while Offers

Ross Giddy

06 753 2262


FLEET R/C equipment ex UK. 7 channel PCM with 5 servos and 2 receivers, all accessories, good condition $350 ono

John Laker

09 410 8444



APC Props 14.4 x 12, 16 x 10, 17 x 12n, 14 x 13 $10ea

MK beam mount for YS140FZ with spare rubbers $50

JOHNSON header pipe for YS140FZ $30

GATOR soft and safe engine mount for YS140FZ or OS140 2 stroke with spare rubbers $30

DESAFIO 2000 latest design F3A pattern model, fixed U/C, all ready to fly, perfect for Os140 s stroke $700

Paul Stairmand

09 818 6956

09 818 0967 Bus.



PT 40 Bobcat .40, high wing with motor & radio, reasonable order

Maurice Turner

03 338 7216


ACCURATE 3 view or photocopy of scale plans for a Stinson L-5 Sentinel WW II observation aircraft. Any scale although 1/48 or larger prefered. All costs reimbursed. Required for forthcoming R/C scale project

Ian Smith

64 Belford St, Waverley

Dunedin 9001

03 454 4882


GRAUPNER Cirrus fuselage or mould, or partial or complete plane. Any contacts on where I could obtain one would be greatfully appreciated.

Stuart Goodare

09 273 9180

Fax 09 273 9185

Mob 025 966 642


TRANSMITTER in good working order, preferably JR, on 29Mhz (29.965)

Bill Wright

03 614 7702


FUTABA FF7 (aeroplane version) 7 channel transmitter and receiver. 40Mhz. Transmitter only also considered.

Jason McFadden

03 327 6337

Fax: 03 379 8732


ANY PAMPHLETS, owners manuals or printed matter relating to the Hirtenberger HP 61 VT Rotary valve engine. I have one in bits and seek info on timing etc. I am missing the exhaust and needle valve. Have you perhaps got a motor in bits that is excess to requirements?

George Ulyate

17B Tararua Street

Upper Hutt

04 528 5661