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Judging Day

An Aerobatics Judging day is to be run at the Hamilton MAC on evening of Saturday 18th and morning of Sunday the 19th of August. I believe it is high time we invested some time into judge training. I, like most other competition fliers learnt 'on the job' how to allocate scores to maneuvers. Most of my knowledge is from little pieces of information I got from short conversations with others and a flick through the rulebook.
I have to confess to have judged a round and not fully understood the schedule until I had 'Judged' several flights. This of course is hardly fair no the couple of guys first up. If I am the only judge / flier in New Zealand to have done that, then I will apologize, and eat my hat! Knowing the situation we are in reality making a joke of what we are doing or trying to do. The intention of this course is to:Have a greater pool of judges from which to draw from at an RC Aerobatics competition.

This day is open to both IMAC and Pattern fliers and any flier, who has an interest in being an R/C aerobatic judge. What I hope will happen is, that Pattern guys will be able to share information with IMAC guys, and visa-versa. The Judging seminar will be run at the conclusion of the sportsman day.
We will start early Saturday evening at Hillcrest High School with Take-a-way dinner, a judging video and discussions. Followed by some evening entertainment, probably electric round the pole combat.Sunday will involve live judging of aerobatic maneuvers/schedules in both Pattern and IMAC.
We will finish around mid day. If you wish, you are most welcome to blow out the cobwebs and fly at HMAC's excellent site before/after the scheduled bits.

The cost of the Judging day will be $10.00 + something for a BBQ lunch.
Please pre-register by phone if at all possible.
Patrick Neal. Ph: (07) 854 3757

To be part of Saturday evening's entertainment, bring about $10.00, a sheet of 3 or 4mm balsa, a knife and some cyano.

Accommodation can be arranged, please phone in advance.


RC Aerobatics
Promotion Day

Then Read on!

Hamilton MAC is hosting an RC aerobatics day on Saturday the 18th of August.
The day is intended to introduce RC aerobatics to fliers who are now competent with their model (have passed the wings badge) and now want to move forward.
Both Pattern and Scale Aerobatics (IMAC) will be featured, as at the introductory level the differences are minor.

Don't for a moment, think you're flying skills or model is not up to it, you are the modelers we want! Both Pattern and IMAC have classes or levels structured from absolute beginner, right through to the seasoned flier.
As an example, IMAC Basic's maneuvers include, a 45 degree climb, a loop, a roll and a stall turn, most of you would have done these (maybe inadvertently) before even passing your wings badge.

The day will involve discussions and hands on activities, and cover:

What to do next:
See if any other fliers from your club are interested, going in a small group may enhance the enjoyment and increase the amount of information you leave with.
Please ring me if you are coming, I would prefer to know approximate numbers at least one week before.
Pack your model, fuel and a couple of club mates in the car and plan on arriving at the Hamilton MAC site at 9.15 on, Saturday 7th of July.
HMAC site is located at 1091 State Highway 26 (Hamilton - Morrinsville road). (That's 10.9 km from Hamilton)

The cost for the day will be $10.00 + something for a BBQ lunch.
Please pre-register by phone if at all possible.
Patrick Neal
Ph: (07) 854 3757

Accommodation can be arranged, please phone in advance. Anyone attending this day that wishes to also attend the Judging day need only ask.