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The New Zealand Aeromodelling Hall of Fame comprises of a very select group of people who have made an exceptional contribution or meritorious service to aeromodelling over a prolonged period of time. The underlying philosophy is to recognise long term significant contribution to aeromodelling in New Zealand. The 'Hall' consists of a permanent site on the NZMAA Internet Web Page and a display cabinet that could be seen at the NZMAA Annual General Meetings and at the National Competitions containing a certificate with details of the inductee and a brief outline of their merit. The inductee (or immediate family if deceased) would be presented with a copy of the certificate.

The Selection Committee is comprised of five NZMAA Life Members and chaired by the NZMAA President as a non-voting member. One of the Selection Committee is designated "Trustee" and maintains the display cabinet with the purpose of having it delivered to appropriate places for display.

Nominations close on 30 October each year, then two secret postal ballots are held. The first requires the Committee to number the nominees in order of preference. The five top candidates (or less in there is insufficient nominations) then have their nominations returned to the selection committee for the second ballot where four out of five votes need to be in favour to be selected for installation to the Hall Of Fame. Should any member of the Selection Committee be nominated, the NZMAA President will appoint a temporary replacement member or members.


Any NZMAA member may nominate any present or past (living or deceased) member for Induction. Nomination forms are available from the NZMAA Secretary. A resume of the nominee's attributes and reasons for their nomination is to be provided. Nominations may cover any aeromodelling discipline and should be based on the individual's accumulated contribution over a number of years to model aviation as a competitor, designer, experimenter, leader, organiser, contest director, writer, publisher, manufacturer or other related categories.


All nomination forms are to be received by the NZMAA secretary by 30th October each year. Two secret postal ballots are held. The first ballot requires the Selection Committee to number all nominees in order of preference. The five top candidates' names (or less in there are insufficient nominations) will then be returned to the Selection Committee for final choice which requires four out of five votes in favour to be selected for installation to the Hall of Fame.

All voting forms will be sent to an independent scruitineer for counting at each ballot. The final endorsement will be made by the NZMAA Council with due regard for the trust it has in the selection committee. No correspondence or discussion will be entered into regarding selection or non selection of inductees.

COMPLETING AND FORWARDING THE NOMINATION FORM Download the nomination form in PDF format

The official form should be completed as accurately and as fully as possible. If full details are not known, or if some facts are hazy, this should be noted on the form. Seal the form in an inner envelope marked "Hall of Fame Nomination" and post to the NZMAA Secretary:


1999 Inductees


Paul Lagan (1941- )

Paul Lagan has been modelling since a very young age. While best known for his FF success, he has flown in all classes of aeromodelling. He has represented both Australia and New Zealand internationally on many occasions, and was awarded the FAI Alphonse Pernaud Diploma in 1993. Not only a dedicated modeller and competitor, he has also served in key administrative roles in the NZMAA on several occasions.

Les Wright (1903-1993)

Les Wright was a New Zealand pioneer in the development of reliable and affordable radio control equipment in the 1950's and 1960s. The reliability, ruggedness and availability of his equipment introduced many to the wonders of radio control and played a large part in achieving the world record successes for Frank Bethwaite and Ian Barber in the 1950s.

Frank Bethwaite (1920- )

Frank Bethwaite set many world records over the 1950-56 period using "Wright" radio control equipment. In 1958 he moved to Sydney, where the lack of suitable flying spaces led him to the field of sailboats, where he has made many significant contributions. In 2000, he was awarded the Award of Australia for Experiment and Design.

John Malkin (1931- )

John Malkin has been an active modeller and competitor for over 50 years in nearly all classes of aeromodelling. He painstaking develops his own model designs, has always sought to improve his own and his models performance and is often the first to try new methods and techniques. He published "Airfoil Sections" in 1971, which quickly became an international reference work. This was reprinted in 1981 due to strong demand. Not only a dedicated modeller and competitor, he has also served in key administrative roles in the NZMAA on several occasions.