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HP 20 RC engine incl silencer, good order $60.00
KATIPO 3 hole exhaust, excellent order, offers.
FUJI 29 glo engine, good order, offers
ETA 29 no piston rings crankcase etc, good order, offers
AIRSAIL AOP9 1900mm wingspan kit, framed up ready to fit out and cover $130.00
SC 60 engine, good order RC silencer $100.00
G Burnnand
(06)765 7737 evenings
CALYPSO CONTEST white all over with a green band around one wing tip for orientation. T- Tail, 6 servo's, 4x JR 3341's in the wings. Futaba 131S on elevator and 141 on rudder. Ballast tube installed. Includes switch and battery. RG 15, all moulded construction in excellent condition. It will be available in very early July in Christchurch. $1,700.00ono.
Photos available via e-mail,
Contact Dave Griffin at
or John Ensoll on (03)359 7471

FUTABA FP-7FG "Gold" Radio Set, 35.450MHz FM: $320
7 CH TRANSMITTER, Dual Rates on Ail/El/Rud, Rud/El & Ail/Rud mixing. Adjustable travel on 4 main functions, reversing switches on all functions.
FP-R107M 7 channel FM receiver, plus spare xtal.
Tx & Rx 450 mAH Nicad packs, plus charger.
4 x FP-S128 servos, spare arms, mounting hardware etc.
SERVO TRAY, Switch Harness, Instruction Manual.
FUTABA FP-6FG "Gold" Radio Set, 35.650MHz FM: $270
6 CH TRANSMITTER, Dual Rates on Aileron & Elevator.
Adjustable travel on 4 main functions, reversing switches on all functions.
FP-R107M 7 channel FM receiver, plus spare xtal.
Tx & Rx 450 mAH Nicad packs.
3 x FP-S128 SERVOS, spare arms, mounting hardware etc.
SERVO TRAY, Switch Harness, Instruction Manual.
FUTABA 'Micro' Flight Pack (total weight 126gm/4.4oz) $160
FP-R107R 6/7 channel FM receiver (35.450MHz FM), plus spare xtal.
225 mAH Rx Nicad.
2 x FP-S133 micro servos (never used), arms & mounting hardware etc
TRAINER CORD for above Tx's (free to first purchaser of a full radio set) $20
OS 40 FSR Motor (ringed version), including muffler $100
All well looked after (one owner) and in good working order. Offers considered.
Robert Sherlock,
Phone (07) 856-2193 (home)
(07) 838-5496 (bus)

SIG RYAN S.T.A kit new in box $275.00
Mike O'Grady
(06)757 9713

HARVARD (90%complete) 101 inches span (1/5scale) designed by Kevin Uncles, f/g by Gwyn Avenell, construction by Russ Johnson, f/g fuselage including integral wing roots, foam/balsa wings/tail, outer wings tube mounted, stage of construction: fuselage/centre section formers, ribs and spars fitted ready for final gluing into shell (firewall still to be mounted to suit engine), wings/tailplane sheeted and sanded, ailerons, flaps, elevator, rudder, built (scale structure) and ready to cover, f/g cowling, canopy, excellent cockpit kit (Killer Cockpits), scale retracts available from Kevin (not included)-other commercial units will fit. $1,200.00
BEECHCRAFT T-34C TURBOMENTOR (full kit) 81 inches span (1/5 scale) full kit from Ramon Torres, whose protype won U.S. Masters, f/g fuselage, cowling, balsa/ply flying surfaces, all parts cut and sheeting provided, all hardware, canopy, scale static spinner, scale retracts available from Century Jet (not included), accurate scale documentation drawings and colour information available from me. $650.00
SPITFIRE MK 12 (or 19) (full kit) 88 inches span (with full wingtips) (1/5 scale), Dave Platt kit, balsa/ply construction, f/g cowl, canopy, spinner, scale pilot figure and five blade static prop, scale retracts available from Dave Platt (not included) $225.00
FLASHLIGHT PATTERN MODEL (completed, in good condition) F3A design (German) from a few years back, now suitable for Advanced Class competition, f/g fuselage, foam/balsa rungs on tubes, pipes in belly cowl, set up from OS Hanno.61 with internal pipe, Rhom-air retracts included. $200.00
Wanye Cartwright
34 Bella Vista Road
Herne Bay
(09)360 7144
Fax (09)360 7145

PUMP AND CARB for OS 61 RFP near new-surplus requirements.Offers
GREAT PLANES 'ULTRA SPORT 1000' withST 2500, rubber mount, Jtec muffler. Very well built and finished . Flies very well no vices. Motor in excellent order Offers.
GOLDBERG SUKHOI kitset n.i.b complete with superb fiberglass cowl. Sensible offers.
Chris Beardsley
(03) 383 2877

FUTABA 5 channel FM radio gear. Transmitter- model T5USF (40 mhz), 2x receivers, plus 4 x SI48 servos. $250.00 ono. Bernie Roberts (04)387 2953

Veco 19 New in box $140.00
OS61 FS New in box, mint condition. Pre Surpass 4 stroke with enclosed rockers $250.00
ROYAL 46 New in box $100.00
RADIO GEAR 'Expert' FM TX with 2 receivers (72.590 mhz) and 10 servos. May need new nicads as they have been sitting uncharged for a while. Gerard Cotterill
(04)233 9318
(09)267 5955
Fax (09)267 9584

MARATAKA 62" MESSERSCHMITT BF 109E suit 60-90. New in box. $250.00
ROYAL CORSAIR 62". New in box, suit 60-90 engine $310.00 Ricky
(03)216 8834

TOP FLITE P-40E WARHAWK Gold edition 64" span, full wood and hardware kit, spinner, drop tank, Robart retracting mains and wheels, Robart retracing tail wheel assy. $390.00
Tony Withey
(06)758 6914
LARGE MODEL ROOF MOUNTED CARRYING SYSTEM, aerodynamically designed, originally built and used by Murray MiekleJohn comes complete with roof rack $40.00
Kimball Medley
(03)487 7863
Fax (03)487 7163
PERSONALISED PLATE, RCFLYR, owner moving overseas. $500.00 ono. Arthur Barnett
2/85 Edmonton Road
025 222 4174 daytime
(09)836 7651 evening

OS ENGINE PARTS new. A range of C/cases, C/shafts, Pistons, liners, gaskets, rings etc. This is a job-lot acquired some time ago and finally sorted and catalogued them. There are parts for OS 10's thru to 61's. There are also a few Cox, K&B and Magnum parts and servo gear sets for older JR 205;505;506 servoes. I would like to see them utilised as they are surplus to my requirements, so the price is very negotiable! For list please send a SAE to- Al MacMartin
12 St Martins Road
Christchurch 8002
(03)332 6535 evenings
025 2245 305

OS IN-FLIGHT needle valve
FUTABA Gold box Tx and Rx only, on 72.190 but no module. As new. Phil Staples
(06)344 4466

DAVID BODDINGTON KIT of the Corben Baby Ace. 56" wing span, suit .30 to .50 engine new in box $200.00.
SUPER TIGRE .90 ring engine new in box, test run for 10 mins, $280.00.
2 Dubro 4" smooth air tyres $20.00
(03)216 1885

TRAILER, MANZ model size with a cover.
Brian Ragg
(06)346 5407

OS Max 40 SR engine with a serviceable front crankcase casting (or an engine for parts).
Alastair Rivers
(03)382 9703
Fax (03)382 9704

BUILDING PLANS for 1/5 scale P40 Warhawk/Kittyhawk. Buy or borrow.
ZENOAH 38 or similar engine for above P40 in good working order. James Murray
2 Aranui Avenue

MUFFLER for HP 40 Gold Cup.
MUFFLER for OS 15 (Pre FP) model 703. Must be reasonable prices. Chris Beardsley
(03)383 2877

Mk 3 ROSSI pipe tuned with pipe
Mk 3 ROSSI (conventional) Shaun Suter
17 Pallant St
(09)267 5955
Fax (09)267 9584