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Welcome to the NZMAA Home Page

The NZMAA is a nonprofit body dedicated to the interests of all aeromodellers

The New Zealand Model Aeronautical Association (NZMAA) is New Zealand's national body dedicated to the promotion
and protection of aeromodelling. The NZMAA has been an incorporated society since 1948. The NZMAA is the
NZ point of affiliation to the FAI.

The Goals of the NZMAA are to :

What does membership cost?: Senior $48 pa. Family $60 pa. Junior $20 pa

You must join through an affiliated Aeromodelling Club, unless you live 100 Km from a club, when you may join as a lone member for $55 pa. The list of New Zealand Clubs is here

If you want more information on joining the NZMAA, membership problems, non-delivery of NZMAA magazine, then please contact the Sec: Mr Ken Buckley, 43 Aldersgate Road, Hillsborough, Auckland 1004. Tel/Fax 09 625 4311 or E-Mail to For any other questions on aeromodelling, please contact the club nearest you. (see the list above)

News!Nationals, Topical Events, Meetings, and competition results.

The NZMAA History Project

The NZMAA Hall of Fame Project

50 years of the NZMAA

Updated on 27 August 2001 (Always under construction, maybe complete on 1st April 2011. Suggestions for new content always welcome.)

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